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MR11- Prevent posting to PO's.

I'm part of a SAP Support team for my employers with my specialized area being procurement. Some of the managers...

are looking to run the MR11 program in the near future, which I do not agree with as we have orders that will be affected by this from 1998. However, if this program is run I want to prevent anyone from posting to these orders in the future. We have tried the final invoice option, but this does not prevent postings. Is there a way to close purchase orders so that they can not have anything else posted to them?

The best thing to do here is to not close them but rather
block the purchase order from additional postings to it. 
I'm not familiar with the MR11 transaction so I went in just to see
what it was and, on the surface, I would agree with you about your
hesitation in wanting to use it.
The title "GR/IR Clearing Account Maintenance" is rather intimidating
looks like it could have far reaching implications if run. 
Blocking the purchase order will NOT allow any further posting to
it but the flip side is that it will also not allow you to process
any invoices either.
If I understand the business scenario that you're in,
the limitation of not being capable of paying an invoice should
be at a real minimum event.  The block could always be lifted
to process one if necessary.

Change PO
     Click on LINE item

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