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MI, MDM, and XI combination for the future SAP developer

Combining today's hot modules with tomorrow's market forecast is a great strategic opportunity for any SAP developer. Jon Reed describes how to invest in your SAP career future.

I am currently working as an ABAP consultant in CRM for one of the reputed leading IT firms in India. I have also completed MDM training from SAP LABS. I have recently got an offer from a startup company where they would be working on SAP mobile using SAP MI. They would also be working on MDM, XI and SAP CRM implementations. I would be primarily be working on mobile front applications built over MI and SAP XI. I have previously worked on connecting ERP using mobile devices.

I want to know how is the current market for technologies like MI and XI? How should i consider this opportunity?
Please let me know.

It sounds to me like you have a fantastic opportunity. CRM is one of the hotter areas in SAP right now. You always want to try to combine skills that are hot now, like CRM, with emerging areas. Mobile development is starting to really pick up steam. Master Data Management (MDM) and XI are not quite there, but are obviously vitally important to the SAP skill set of tomorrow. So, your opportunity really combines a number of very exciting areas. Your CRM and MI (Mobile Infrastructure) skills should keep you going, and I think the MI, MDM, and XI combination is about as good as an SAP developer could hope for.

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