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MBA student looking for basic information about SAP eProcurement

I am an MBA student trying to learn about SAP eProcurement, I want to see some preliminary info before I enroll in a lengthy course any suggestions where to look? Looking for a real over view, basics approach to start.

SAP eProcurement is going through some rigorous changes. Nevertheless for the better, with lot more functionality, which should definitely set the SAP solution apart from its competitors. Having said that there is going to be a lot more learning for the end user and technical implementation analysts.

Anyways, my recommendation would be to look at the following places for some good eProcurement Solution info:
For a Enterprise Buyer Professional Demo, look at the following location:
Either create your own ID, or just use the "Logon using a standard userID" option. Then select the option ? Then Select Enterprise Buyer Professional. Now you can see how the Shop, Check Status, Invoice functionalities work in SAP eProcurement.Also for additional documentation look at:

Where are you going to take an SAP eProcurement course? Best of luck with your MBA!

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