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Logical systems, port types and IDocs

Looking for a brief description on 'logical systems', port types and IDocs? Look no further, Sam Gassem defines these SAP terms in this expert response.

Can you please answer the following questions?

1. Define a 'logical system'
2. Define 'port type'
3. The difference between a basic IDoc type and a message type

Here are the requested answers:

1. A 'logical system' is used to identify an individual client in a system, for ALE communication between SAP systems. That's why you see a field for 'logical system' in the client master data in SCC4 (table T000). You use logical systems in ALE configuration.

2. A 'port type' specifies a collection of input and output.

3. IDocs are created when message types and (object) methods are distributed. The message type is the semantic information which identifies the usage of business data. The IDoc type defines the syntactical format in which the data for a specific business process is transferred.

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