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Locate user parameters for your SAP system

Find out where to locate user parameters for your SAP system from administration expert Bert Vanstechelman.

I am looking for a list of possible values for user parameters. I can get the list of actual parameter names, but not the possible values for each one.
This depends on which user parameters are you looking for.


  • The profile parameters for logon and password requirements can be found at help.sap.com. In addition, information on individual profile parameters can be found in the system via transaction RZ11.


  • User parameters supply defaults to SAP fields. If a field is indicated, the system automatically fills in the default value. They are contained in a user's master record. In the parameters maintenance screen, choose F1. A description screen should pop up. The two input fields on the parameter maintenance screen are described briefly below. You can display all parameter IDs defined in the system by choosing F4. Selecting one with F1 shows more information.

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