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Loading time data into Excel and CATS

At times when the CATS (Cross-Application Time Sheet) is not working, would it be possible to load time data into MS Excel and then upload all the Excel info to the Cross Application Time Sheet at a later stage? Is there a report that does this? To address the question if it is possible to load time data into Excel and then upload the data into the CATS: yes, you can. Is there a report that does this? At least I'm not aware of one. It is possible to do this, but it is a custom modification that would need to incorporate one or more of the SAP Enhancements. SAP R/3 contains a range of SAP enhancements for the Cross-Application Time Sheet, which can be used for several user interfaces (CATS notebook, CATS classic, CATS regular, and so on). A list of the SAP enhancements is listed below. General SAP enhancements for the Cross-Application Time Sheet in relation to CATS notebook:

SAP Enhancement Meaning Java Interface
CATS0001 Structure the work list in SAP R/3 with which you can supply pick lists for certain working time attributes in CATS notebook  Interface IPicklistCustomer
CATS0002 Supplement recorded data Time data can be supplemented in SAP R/3 only
CATS0003 Customer-specific checks for recorded time data ITimeSheetChecker interface
CATS0006 Validate entire time sheet ITimeSheetChecker interface
CATS0008 Determine workflow recipients for approval Time data is approved in SAP R/3 only

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