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Listing optional parameters of a table or structure

Is there a way to know whether the Field in the table is optional or not? Java expert Austin Sincock answers.

I would like to list the optional parameters of a table or structure of a particular BAPI. I have tried using is...

Optional method but in vain. Can you tell me if there any other way to know whether the Field in the table is optional or not?

Beyond looking at the inbound parameter/table structures through the 'Display' mechanism in the Function Builder there is no other way to check whether a field is optional or not. Unfortunatly, the only way to really know the status of a given field is to test, test, test. However, this also means that you must have a good set of test data up front and this is always important when developing software.

The value of test cases or scenarios is highly underrated as developers begin a software process. By having a validated test scenario in the beginning (one that works every time through Function Builder) you can be more assured of your development effort as you begin to access BAPIs from the outside world. If you are constantly questioning whether your application has a problem or if you simply have bad test data, the development effort becomes abortive and true progress harder and harder to make.

This was last published in April 2002

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