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List of all adapters compatible with XI 3.0

Expert Sam Gassem has provided a list of all adapters that are available for SAP XI 3.0.

I heard that SAP XI supports standards like RosettaNet and CIDX. I want to know all the formats SAP XI supports.
SAP XI provides a set of adapters to connect SAP as well as non-SAP applications with each other and thus to enable them to participate in the exchange of XML messages. An adapter is required to connect other applications or technical systems, or to participate in B2B communication via specific industry standards like RosettaNet. SAP provides certain adapters for use with SAP Exchange Infrastructure, and relies on an ecosystem of partners to provide adapters for other applications or industry standards. These partner adapters are sold and delivered through SAP.

The SAP Partner Connectivity Kit (PCK) enables smaller companies that do not dispose of an SAP XI installation to connect to SAP XI.

Customers and partners can also develop their own adapters for SAP XI. To do this, they can use the Adapter Framework in the Partner Connectivity Kit (PCK) and refer to the detailed documentation on adapter development. For more information, see SAP XI 3.0 Online documentation under SAP XI: Runtime → Connectivity → Partner Connectivity Kit → Adapter Development.

Furthermore, the SAP Integration & Certification Centers (ICC) have initiated a certification program to ensure a standardized and aligned development process for adapters provided by third-party vendors. For more information, see SAP Integration & Certification Centers. For a list of certified adapters, see Software Partner Directory. Select the tab Search for Solutions. Under Third-Party Defined Integration Scenarios select NW-XI-AF 3.0 - SAP NetWeaver - XI Adapter Framework 3.0 and then click Search.

For an overview of available adapters please consult the following table. Detail pages for each adapter partner provide more information on the individual adapters.

Overview of Adapters for SAP XI 3.0

  • Application Adapters
  • Technical Adapters
  • Industry Standard Adapters
  • Mainframe/Transaction Adapters

Note: All adapters are available from SAP XI 3.0 onwards.

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