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Linking Excel to SAP

Linking Excel to SAP

I am trying to upload Excel s/sheet data onto SAP. I can record the data in SAP eg the fields that need to be populated etc and than download those in Excel to be populated accordingly. How do I link the data from the s/sheet to SAP? Is this a VB question or SAP?

I can not get it to work.

This is an SAP issue and it is handled using the "Data Transfer Workbench"(Transaction SXDA) or the "Legacy System Migration Workbench" (available as transports from SAPServX) and then Batch Input sessions. However, it is possible to write a VB program that reads the data from Excel and puts it in SAP. This is a more complicated method, though. And, you need to use the GUI Automation.

I recommend you get a free copy of the "Data Transfer Made Easy" guidebook at www.saplabs.com or directly at http://wwwtech.saplabs.com/datatransfer/default.asp

This guidebook will provide you all the information you need.

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