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Licensing issues with Internet users

What might be some restrictions on licensing with Internet users? Expert Austin Sincock offers some suggestions and explains a little more about SAP licensing rules.

I read a reply of yours to someone who was testing Internet User passwords in SE37. The site I am working on is considering developing an Intranet application using SAP Internet users (SU05). Not wanting to step on any toes we tried to find out if there are any licensing issues with Internet Users as far as SAP is concerned and have been getting very conflicting replies. Our site is using vanilla R/3 4.6C i.e. no mySAP.com Workplace etc. Do you know of any restrictions we should take into account?

Licensing around Internet users
There has been a great deal of confusion around the licensing of these users. For a time, SAP wanted to charge for these licenses as they would for a standard SAP user seat, although at a much lower rate. However, my current understanding is that SAP has moved to charging per transaction, regardless of whether that transaction originated internally or from an Internet user.

For example, any user creating a sales order in your R/3 system would trigger a transaction fee to SAP. As a function of this model, SAP is not charging for the use of Internet users, but you may want to be aware of any fees associated with the use of the internal transactions you are Web-enabling.

Again, this is my understanding of the current situation around licensing. Please take this free advice for what it's worth *GRIN*.

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