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Leftover registry entries from SAP 4.6

You mentioned checking out the documentation of the SAPGUI 6.20 for deployment of the SAPGUI for many users in a previous answer. The problem I find with this is the lack of documentation given within SAPNET. They don't cover customization at all. For instance, how do we tell SAPSweep to uninstall the entries that it leaves behind in the start / programs /sap (4.6) as well as cleaning out the registry entries left behind from the 4.6 version? I'm trying to use a tool to compare the registry entries and their values to compare the differences when the 4.6 is installed and after removing it. We want to automate this process so that when the 6.2 is installed it will clean out all 4.6 entries left behind. Can you give me some insight to what I can do or where I can find this information?
Take a look at SAP Note 314973, which talks about SAPSweep.exe. SAPGUI 6.20 uninstalls any previous versions of SAPGUI before installling the new version. If you're going to upgrade to SAPGUI 6.20 then you don't need to use SAPSweep anymore.

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