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Learning curve for ABAP skills

Hello. I was recently contacted to staff an ABAP project and had a few questions about ABAP in general. If one does not have ABAP experience, I was wondering what technical skill set might be best for one to start with to make the learning curve easier. Also, what would be a rough estimate learning curve for one to gain ABAP skills. I would also like to gain information on where one could gain training to develop ABAP skills?

The best place to get SAP training is at SAP itself. Look for your local training centre on www.sap.com. SAP offers a suite of courses, covering all aspects of development.

If I was looking for a trainee, I'd want someone with programming ability and database understanding. For cross training, a few years with any other language, preferably gained within a commercial environment, together with general SQL and database skills would certainly be a great advantage. An important additional skill is problem solving. With these abilities, and not much experience, it would take 3 - 6 months to become productive.

One thing not taught on SAP ABAP courses is how to find the data, and how the various modules work. This can only be picked up by experience, which certainly steepens the learning curve.

In your situation, why not hire a free-lance ABAPer, for a few weeks, to do the hiring for you?

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