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Learning CRM

I'm an SAP certified ABAP technical consultant and I'm working in a leading SAP Consulting MNC. Recently they gave CRM training, but that was not too helpful and I still feel that I know nothing. Since new projects will be starting, I quickly want to grasp the concept in totality. I know it's selfish to expect that, but I know you are the best person to guide me. Kindly recommend some books so I can start and also let me know if somehow I can practice it on any S/W available. Hope you'll guide me and let me enhance my skills.
The best place is to start with is help.sap.com, which SAP updates on a regular basis. It has a TREX engine. You can search for help on a specific topic. Service.sap.com is another SAP portal you should visit for your online training and knowledge needs. But you should have an S ID to access it. You could also register on sdn.sap.com if you have an S ID and join the developer community relevant for you.

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