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Learning ASAP

I will be directing a large SAP project and I am not familiar with ASAP. What is the best approach to learning ASAP?

There are actually 2 areas to look into. ASAP (Accelerated SAP) is the first area. The second are to look into is Industry Solutions Templates.

ASAP is a methodology. In other words, it provides a process to get from Project Preparation to Go-live. ASAP consists of a number of templates, questions and scenarios that require user input. From the data entered, ASAP partners can reduce the investment required for data gathering and configuration. So in fact, the savings is demonstrated through initial preparation. The best place get details is on SAP's web site at SAP ASAP Roadmap.

The Industry Solution is another means to reduce the configuration time. There are many solutions for various business models. For example, there are Industry Solutions for the Process Industry and the Electronics Industry. We used the High Tech Template solution which allowed us to add an additional pre-configuration layer to our design. The following URL can give you more details on SAP's various solutions Sap solutions

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