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Learn the basics of reporting with SAP BW 3.5

Learn the basics of reporting with SAP BW 3.5 with this advice from Peter Scott, BW expert

I have to implement reporting with SAP BW version 3.5. For instance, I want to create a report on stocks with a select boxes to choose the month, select one supermarket from a list, and finally print the report with variances, etc. Can I do this directly with SAP BW? If so, how?
Can you do this in SAP BW? Absolutely! At a high level, you would be required to create at least one Query Definition using the Query Designer. Next you would have to create a Web template using the Web Application Designer that incorporates the query from step one and some other Web items (including a selection object like radio buttons or drop-down boxes).

For printing, BW uses the standard features found in your Web browser. Right out of the box the BW presentation layer tools should work just fine for your reporting requirements.

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