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Layouts in a real-time environment

In a real-time environment do we create our own layouts or modify the existing layout? If we modify the existing layout, would you please send details about how to modify, and assign the layout and print program, and please send code of how we would modify the existing layout. Thanks & regards, Malli
By 'existing layouts,' I am not sure if you mean (a) SAP-delivered forms or (b) custom forms already in Production. In any case, I will attempt to answer your question either way.

(a) I strongly recommend that you treat layouts/forms provided by SAP just as you would treat standard SAP-delivered ABAP. In other words, please leave them alone! If you need to make any changes, copy the original into your namespace (e.g. 'Z_Invoice') and go from there. The same principle applies for both SAPscript and Smart Forms. Various copy options are built into both tools. In SAPscript, for instance, type in the name of your new form and click on 'Create.' On the next screen, choose 'Form->Copy from…' and specify the original form. In Smart Forms, type in your new form's name, then click on the 'Copy from' icon and plug in the name of the 'Source form.'

(b) You are welcome to change custom forms as needed. However, version management for forms is not nearly as robust as for ABAP; in fact, it is almost non-existent. Thus, it may be prudent for you to create a backup copy of the existing form under a different name in your development system until the new version is working reliably in Production; if you do so, remember to give the backup a meaningful name and to remove it later so as to avoid potential confusion down the road.

As for the assignment steps, the answer varies by application area. For an SD-specific example, my other SearchSAP 'Ask The Expert' answer Printing an order confirmation through a Smart Form may help you. Otherwise, I suggest you consult the SAP help portal on your specific application area; it also will provide general guidance on how to modify forms.

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