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Landing your first BW project

Using your skills to get hired for or exposed to BW projects.

I have been a systems analyst for over 12 years. I work on client-server and database application product developement using PowerBuilder and Oracle. I recently was certified by SAP for SAP Business Warehouse. Can you please guide/advise me as how to break into my first SAP BW project? Appreciate your time and effort.
Well, I would start by checking out the BW jobs on the SearchSAP.com career center and see which jobs relate to BW. Make a note of the skills needed for those jobs, and make two lists: one of the skills you have and one of the skills you need to have. For the purposes of these lists, only include skills you have used on SAP projects, not ones you have picked up in BW training.

I would apply for the handful of jobs that look closest to your current skills. The best ones would be jobs that do not require hands-on BW but say "BW experience preferred." These would be the jobs that might get you BW exposure, assuming you have some of the required skills. If you have trouble landing these types of jobs, then as a fallback, I would apply to jobs that do not require any BW skills at all, as long as they are in SAP environments. You might have to take a non-SAP job within an SAP environment to get your foot in the door. Once you get inside an SAP environment, over time, you may be able to push more directly into BW. So, go for the most appealing BW jobs first, and then have some fallback options in case those don't work out.

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