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Keeping user attachments through an upgrade

I am going through the process of upgrading SAP Security from 3.1I to 4.6c. Some profiles have been created through Profile Generator. When the Profile Generator profiles are upgraded the activity group T_ number is placed on as a prefix. I found an OSS note 156196 to eliminate the T_ number. But my problem is by using this OSS note I lose all user attachments. I understand this, but come go-live I do not want to have to re-connect user to their profile. Can you suggest any way to keep user attachments at go-live? Most of the profile are not SAP standard profiles. Authorization Made Easy instructs you to go through SU25. But even then, user attachments are lost.

Yep... This is a very common problem. I don't think that SAP has a true fix for this, hence the difficulties experienced when using the SU25 toolset for upgrades. I strongly suggest that you redesign the profiles into 4.6 compliant activity groups, otherwise your users could experience menu problems. Additionally, If that is not an option, you may be relegated to writing a CATT to copy and rename all of your upgraded activity groups, and use SU10 (Mass Changes) to change user access on a per role basis.

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