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Keeping the J2EE engine from starting automatically

The J2EE engine is interfering with cluster operations. Expert Austin Sincock rides to the rescue.

What is the best way to prohibit the J2EE engine on your central instance of Web AS 6.20 to start? We have several dialog instances which we intend to run a SAP J2EE cluster on, but we do not want the central instance to partake in cluster operations. I have found it very difficult configuring the cluster without the first instance of the J2EE on the central instance.
In Web AS 6.20, the J2EE engine must be configured through parameters. It can also be manually stopped and started through the Internet Communications Manager transaction (SMICM). You will probably want to set the profile parameters in RZ10 and RZ11. Check out the rdisp/j2ee* parameters. Setting rdisp/j2ee_start to false will disable the J2EE engine on startup. Make sure you have the blessing of your BASIS people before making any changes to the profile parameters.

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