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Jumping from SAP R/2 to R/3

I have about 3 years of ABAP experience on SAP R/2 (old version of SAP). I have exposure in S&D, FI modules, EDI and Data Warehousing. I have been also trained on SAP R/3 systems but not actually worked on any live project in SAP R/3. Lately, I've been planning to switch to SAP R/3 projects. Does this kind of SAP profile lose its marketbility in hot SAP markets?
Wow, an R/2 question! I miss the good old R/2 days. Yes, you need to move from R/2 to R/3! R/2 skills just aren't that marketable anymore, even as a niche for a few experts. And your ABAP skills apply to R/3 environments also, so you should make that transition. There are many R/3 companies that are still running legacy systems (the kind R/2 was designed for), but for the most part, companies just want to convert that data into R/3 and not deal with R/2 at all. It's definitely time for you to make that move to R/3. And try to get some Internet/Web programming experience while you're at it.
This was last published in October 2003

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