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Java iViews connecting to SAP R/3

I'm developing Java iViews connecting to the SAP R/3 systems. I tried to create a temporary JCO.Table prior to the R/3 developer finishing the BAPI. Without going to the repository and getting the metadata from the BAPI output list, how can I create metadata from scratch (no default constructor!) It seems that metadata is needed for constucting a Table/Struct/etc and metadata can only be gathered from a Table/Struct/etc. The reason for creating a new table is for testing the front-end (e.g. constucting a JCOTableViewModel.)
The easiest solution would be for the BAPI developer to define the BAPI's interface first (without necessarily writing the ABAP code behind the interface). This would allow you to retrieve the metadata in JCo (through the JCO.Repository class). You can also create the metadata in JCo, but you have to use one of the constructor with parameters (and set these parameters correctly!) An example for hardcoded metadata can be found in sample program Example5.java, supplied with JCo.

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