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Java code for mySQL database

Austin Sincock offers advice on how to access mySQL through Java.

What is a Java code that allows you connect to a mySQL database?

In order to access a MySQL database (and most standard SQL compliant databases) through Java code you will need a JDBC connector (Java DataBase Connector). For more information on JDBC in general check out java.sun.com/products/jdbc. There are several JDBC connectors for the MySQL database available under various licenses. One is being released under the GPL license (open source) and can be found at: mmmysql.sourceforge.net. Each JDBC connector is implemented differently so you will need to review and understand the API before developing any code. Depending on your need (commercial, personal, prototype, etc.) you will want to use the most appropriate connector. The JDBC connector referenced here is made available at no cost but has no commercial support and is still a fairly immature tool.

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