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Java CLASSPATH variables trouble

An exception error is appearing during execution despite no problems in compilation. Expert Austin Sincock offers some advice.

I've just installed j2sdk1.4.0 in my win XP machine. Now it is compiling the program correctly (i.e. javac Demo.java) but during execution (i.e. java Demo) it is giving the following error:
"Exception in thread main java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Demo".
I've set PATH=C:j2sdk1.4.0bin and CLASSPATH=C:Jsdk2.0libjsdk.jar;C:j2sdk1.4.0libtools.jar through the environtment variable (both user as well as the Syatem variables.) Please help me.
This looks like an issue with your Java CLASSPATH variable. Make sure that, in addition to your normal Java class directories and JAR files, your classpath includes a period, ".". This tells the Java interpreter to look for Java classes in your current directory, as well as those in the standard Java development kit directories.
This was last published in July 2003

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