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JCo table line problems

In a JCO server application the following behavior is observed: I pass a table from SAP to a JCO server. I retrieve...

table information in JAVA: JCO.ParameterList tables = function.getTableParameterList(); JCO.Table ocv = tables.getTable("ORDER_CFGS_VALUE"); Some new lines are added to the table ocv.appendRow(); ocv.setValue("314", "VALUE"); .... and the table is passed back to the function interface. tables.setValue(ocv,"ORDER_CFGS_VALUE"); This works fine for a number of table lines of up to 24. After adding more lines, in the RFC-trace on the JCo server I get an error message like: *************************************************************** * Error in application program. * SAP error code : RSTG_FREE_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS * Try ABAP/4 report RSNAPDOK to read complete message text. * Also look at the system log in the target system * function/module/line : rstg_free/abstor0./392 * Parameters * 0: 0081DE68 * 1: 1094861136l * 2: 32 * 3: * 4: * 5: * 6: * 7: * 8: *************************************************************** sometimes this is accompanied by an additional error like: An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM. Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION occurred at PC=0x77fca8ac Function name=RtlFreeHeap Library=C:WINNTSystem32ntdll.dll I am using the latest version of JCO (1.1.03), the jdk1.3.1_01 on a win 2000 platform with a rel 4.6C SAP system. Can you give me any help on this error?

a) Remove the statement "tables.setValue(ocv,"ORDER_CFGS_VALUE");". It is not required and costs performance (and may be the reason for the problem).
If this does indeed solve the problem, please send a bug report to SAP so that the underlying problem is fixed.
b) Make sure that you are using the librfc32.dll shipped with JCo (or a later one).
c) If all that does not help, please report this to SAP, including the complete client and server RFC traces.

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