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JCO connector fails to read data from SAP

Single sign-on could be a reason why JCo won't read SAP data, says Thomas Schuessler.

Username used in JCO connector appears to be replaced by Windows login name when connecting to SAP system. For example in JCO code I specify username 'test', login into Windows box as 'winuser' and run JCO connector. Connector fails to read data from SAP and on SAP side I see user 'winuser' (instead of 'test') trying to connect. Any specific env variable, property I need to set?
This is very strange, because JCo does not even know that Windows exists. Have you included Single-Sign-On stuff in your JCo application? Otherwise, we would have to see the source code of your application. Or you may want to try one of my sample programs that come with JCo to see whether they show the same kind of behavior.

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