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Is there risk in using Win CIC?

I am looking for an explanation or documentation on using Win CIC or Web CIC (pros and cons). The look and feel of the screen is a significant issue, which makes the Web CIC appear attractive with the "people centric user interface" and MVC. In either case, we have interfaces to legacy systems (R/3 and legacy) for ATP and credit cards. A significant number of line items need to be processed and priced. Since the initial decision was to use the Win CIC we are looking to understand the risk of using the Win CIC.
The main advantage of IC Web client is the great look and feel user interface. It is easier to manage the front end changes than with CIC Win client. Win client is based on ABAP whereas Web client is based on XML/JAVA and ABAP technology. The main short coming is the equipment hierarchy is not supported in IC Web client. IC Web client supports ICI whereas CIC Win client supports only SAP Connect for e-mail.

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