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Is there one conclusive report that lists all authorizations for one user ID?

Learn how to generate a report listing the transactions accessible to a certain SAP user ID in this expert tip.

How can I display or print the activities to which a user is authorized? In other words, is there a report that will show what a user can do in the system?
Transaction SUIM is a general reporting solution for users and their authorizations. There are many reports there that will show which transactions a user can perform or which transactions can be performed by a role.

However, you need to be careful. This transaction will always tell you which transactions a user should be able to start, but it doesn't in one comprehensive way tell you what they can do within the transaction once it has started. Such a report is the "Holy Grail" of security reporting. I do not believe that developing a conclusive report describing everything someone can do is a realistic possibility.

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