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Is there a way to link IDocs?

We are sending IDOCs with message types WMTORD and WMSUMO from an external system to SAP. Both these IDOCs perform...

stock transfer of goods within a given warehouse. In some cases, we need to use WMTORD, in others, WMSUMO.

The inbound WMSUMO IDOC updates SAP more rapidly than the inbound WMTORD IDOC. When we perform consecutive stock transfers of a given quantity of material within the warehouse using WMTORD then immediately WMSUMO, we sometimes get the following problem: the WMSUMO IDOC fails because the WMTORD IDOC has not finished updating SAP.

Both these IDOCs are processed with ALE service and by function module. They are triggered in the background using a job executed every two minutes. These IDOCs are forwarded to SAP in a single queue in the right order but they update SAP independently of one another.

One possible solution to this timing problem is to make use of IDOC user exits to implement some control.

My question here is as follows: Are there other solutions involving setting up IDOCs so that a given IDOC would only be sent when the preceding one (prerequisite IDOC) finishes updating SAP? Are there ways to link IDOCs?

Not sure, where your problem stems from. Be sure that you submit the RBDAPP01 report with package size of 1 and deactivate parallel processing.

Also be sure that the jobs are not triggered through a timer but that a job reschedules its successor (SM37).

If nothing helps: copy RBDAPP01 and replace all COMMIT WORK with COMMIT WORK AND WAIT.

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