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Is the same logical system name for all OLTP systems a good idea?

What do you think about using the same logical system name for all OLTP Systems (Development, Test and Production)...

and also the same logical system name for corresponding BW Systems (different from the OLTP's one though)? As referred to in OSS note #184447. I foresee problems when synchronizing these logical systems names, especially when it comes to more complex landscapes, where not only BW systems are connected, but also CRM and Workplace systems are connected and when other (non-SAP) ALE concepts are going to be used. Do you have any experience with this? Either good or bad? And how to deal with regular system refreshes (DB copies), from let's say Production to Test. Is it always needed to run transaction BDLS to change the logical system name in the target system. Pros? Cons?

Note 184447 (Building a BW-system landscape) basically contradicts everything I heard before about creating and assigning unique logical systems to SAP clients. But, if you notice in the note there is this text:

"...since they are not yet included in an ALE-Scenario, choose their names identical to the one of the production system."

I would not follow the recommendation in note 184447 unless my environment had and would continue having only R/3 OLTP and BW systems. I don't see how ALE and some other technology would work if the systems have the same logical system name.

My experience has always been to assign unique names to each SAP client in the landscape. After a homogeneous system copy or database copy I have executed either BDLS or simply BD54 to create a new logical system name and then assign it to the client.

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