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Is the GUI_EXEC function only meant for the presentation server?

Is the GUI_EXEC function meant to be used only for the presentation server or can it also be used to run a DOS Command on a Network Server?

I am using the function GUI_EXEC to execute a DOS Command. I have been able to successfully execute a DOS Command on my local C: Drive. The DOS Command that I am passing in this function is: c:gpgbatch.bat

I have not sucessfully executed a DOS Command that executes locally on a Server instead of my C: Drive. The DOS Command that I pass to the function in this case uses remote commands: rcmd mpcsrv61 c:gpgbatch.bat

Since I haven't been able to execute the function to run a DOS command on a Network Server, I wonder if I'm using the wrong function. Thoughts?
As the name suggestions the function module GUI_EXEC needs the GUI to be present. So yes, it is only for the presentation server.

I assume you are wanting to execute commands on the application server. To do this, look at transaction SM69, and function modules in group SXPT. ( such as SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTE ).
This was last published in September 2003

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