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Is mySAP CRM too technical for me?

I am an engineer with my MBA and MS in MIS. I intend to switch to mySAP CRM. I have six years of experience in market research and strategy consulting where I have done a wide range of projects, from market strategy development to product development, pricing to forecasting. I've also worked in modeling consumer behavior and customer life cycle value, and Internet sales for business-to-business, consumer and manufacturing companies.

I would like to know if mySAP CRM certification will be a good way to go. I don't have much programming skills like many here, though I do work with SAS, Minitab and other statistical softwares. I have heard mySAP CRM is quite technical. Do you think I will be able to do fine? And how is the mySAP CRM market looking for the future?

There are no guarantees, but SAP mySAP CRM is having a strong year. I would say that it leads the pack of all the major mySAP extensions, like APO, PLM, SRM, etc. Even better, it fits well into your overall industry background.

I do hear from mySAP CRM functional consultants that this is a more technical area, in general, than core SAP. But I do know a number of successful mySAP CRM consultants who are not exactly technical gurus. I think there are some opportunities in mySAP CRM for you, and certification may help; but if you read my columns, you know that I don't consider certification any kind of guarantee. It's a good thing to have, but it doesn't relieve you from the challenging task of marketing yourself and finding your first SAP break.

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