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Is it too late to land a decent career involving SAP BW?

I have C, C++ and COBOL experience. I am learning SAP BW on my own. Is it the right time for to change to SAP BW or am I too late?

I'm a software developer with six years of programming knowledge including C, C++ and COBOL. I am learning SAP BW on my own with minimal help from experienced users. Is it the right time for to change to SAP BW or am I too late? Also, if I acquire a certification, will it make a difference when searching for an SAP BW career?
Choosing a career path should definitely depend on your goals, objectives and interests. In terms of job opportunities, SAP BW is a good area to be in. Landing the first job in BW will depend on the amount of hard work and time that you invest in learning. Certification will be helpful but not a guarantee when searching for jobs.

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