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Is it time to think about avoiding SAP Project Systems?

The SAP Project Systems module is stubbornly hanging in there as an area of focus in SAP. Career expert Jon Reeds explains why this is true.

I have over nine years of experience in the IT field. I have worked in logistics and supply chain management. Currently I am studying SAP Project Systems.

Is it a good idea to continue studying PS? Is it a wise idea to start my SAP career in the PS module?

It's interesting to see the PS module stubbornly hanging in there as an area of focus in SAP. I keep on thinking the PS module is done, and then you run into senior consultants who are doing well in PS. If anything, SAP customers seem to be investing more in PS functionality. That could be because of the excellent integration points between PS and other SAP modules, especially FI. And perhaps it is a reflection of companies getting more comfortable with putting all their operations within the SAP umbrella. To that point, the SAP PS functionality makes more sense. Having said that, I still don't like PS as a consulting focus unless you have deep PS skills already. I do like it as a combined focus, for example, I could see a PS-FI consulting combination being a solid one. PS can also interface with Logistics areas, and that might be of interest to you given your logistics industry background.

So if you consider the PS module, maybe you can approach it after you gain some SAP Logistics experience. SAP Logistics is a lot more compelling as a skill set because of all the upgrades going on to core SAP components right now. Logistics is part of the SAP core, but PS is really not, it is more of a fringe module, a second or third wave module in most cases. One thing people need to be careful about is assuming because the SAP consulting market is as hot as it has been in years that it would be easy to break in. It's easier to break into SAP than it has been in a while, but it still takes a coherent strategy, a lot of persistence, and maybe a touch of luck. The heart of that "coherent strategy" is making sure you approach SAP from a position of strength, leading with your deepest skills and connecting to SAP from that point. That's why I like the Logistics focus for you, and you can certainly keep your eyes open for Logistics/PS integration opportunities.

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