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Is it possible to delete traces of a transport after release

Files are easy enough to delete, but what about the online parts of the transport?

Is there a way of deleting all traces of a transport from the system in which it was created after it has been released? We have a number of these 'idle' transports which have not been released, thus creating the data and cofile, but are not required to be transported to any other system. The files themselves are easy enough to delete, but what about the online parts of the transport, such as the entry in E07T and other tables?
Why bother? The transport entry remains in the transport tables of the development system, and it should. If you delete the transports from the import queue of the target systems and remove the data and cofile, they are gone. The system keeps track of all modified objects in the system. This information is vital during a release upgrade.

In addition, transport requests use sub-ceding numbers. Fiddling around with the transport tables is generally not a good idea!

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