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Is a career switch to SAP easier with experience in environmental consulting?

I am interested in switching to an SAP functional career. As a functional consultant, would my experience in environmental consulting be of any use or would I be starting from scratch?

I am an environmental engineer with four years of experience in environmental consulting. I am interested in switching to SAP (functional). As a functional consultant, would my background and experience be of any use or would I be starting from scratch?
For the most part, with your background, I think you would be starting from scratch, but don't let that bother you too much, many folks have had to do that to get going in SAP and things have worked out fine for them. The one thing you might be able to do, in order to take advantage of your current background, is to try to push into the SAP EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) Industry Solution, and to try to work for companies running on SAP in that industry. This could give you a bit of an edge. The downside is that SAP EHS does not yet have a huge customer base, but if you work hard to find some companies in that market space, that might give you a bit more of an edge as you pursue SAP functional consulting.

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