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Is a BAPI needed to upload Master Data?

I am uploading Master Data in the HR module. The data is getting uploaded in the SAP system in PA tables only through BDC in transaction PA30. It has no effect with the OM tables. I am not able to see the name corresponding to its position in the transaction PPOS_OLD. I suppose in batch input we don't have the required integration.

Can you please tell me whether I have to use a BAPI in that case? What is the relevant BAPI?
It sounds like integration is completely off to me. First check T77S0 and verify the PLOGI PLOGI settings and then, if I understand your question correctly, you want to run RHINTE00. Please make sure you read the directions first and understand what the program will do. If I'm reading the question wrong then you likely want RHINTE30. Once again though, read the instructions first and understand what the program will be trying to do.

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