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Is Web Dynpro for both Java and ABAP?

Expert Austin Sincock sets the record straight on the purpose of SAP's Web Dynpro.

Is SAP WebDynpro solely based on ABAP? Is Enterprise Portal based on Java? Do you see .NET moving into portals in SAP in the future?
SAP's Web Dynpro is an application development framework that can be used with both Java and ABAP. SAP's goal with Web Dynpro is to provide a single framework that supports many languages. Currently, the NetWeaver Developer Studio only supports Java development, but SAP is currently working to move ABAP development into this toolkit as well. Development on ABAP-based Web Dynpro applications is currently supported through the ABAP Development Workbench, transaction SE80.

Enterprise Portal contains a Java application server that can be used to run Java components. iViews, the standard Enterprise Portal function views, are built using Java. A new Portal Development Kit (PDK) is available to allow you to build Enterprise Portal applications in the MS Visual Studio .NET environment. Check out http://sdn.sap.com* for the download.

* Authorization needed for access to the SDN

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