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Is SAP XI the best middleware for high-volume messaging?

Our expert sizes SAP XI up against the Business Connector for high-volume messaging.

We are currently using the Business Connector (HTTP posts) to integrate non-SAP systems with SAP via XML messages mapped to IDocs. When our non-SAP systems have high volume, the Business Connector sends back a 403 forbidden error to our non-SAP systems. We have been able to do enough research to determine that this is what happens when the Business Connector's threads are all utilized and cannot accept anymore work.

To solve this problem, we are looking at moving to SAP XI. So, I was wondering if you knew where I could find information on how SAP XI can be configured to handle high volume messaging interfaces. I would be looking for basic information such as the capabilities SAP XI has with being able to assign processor and threads to key messaging scenario interfaces inside SAP XI, not just the whole server.

Thank you for any information you are able to provide me with.

It is difficult to give a general advice here. I do not know how much data we are dealing with, but theoretically you may run into the same sizing problem with SAP XI as with other Web methods (Business Connector). It is a pure matter of sizing up the HTTP gateway to the middleware, so the question is whether you could not simply increase the number of allowed threads in the Business Connector (BC).

The solution for both the BC and SAP XI to have a mission critical environment is to add an asynchronous message queuing application in front of the middleware that buffers all received data regardless of content. Candidates for MQ are Websphere MQ, JMS, MSMQ or as a variation, receiving the data via SMTP instead of HTTP. In that case you could use EG Exchange or Notes as a queuing system and feed the received messages from there to the BC or SAP XI.

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