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Is SAP JCo compatible with Unix?

Wondering about compatibility between SAP Java connector (JCo) and Unix? Get expert advice from Java expert Austin Sincock on this topic.

Is SAP JCo compatible with Unix? Our Java application runs in a Unix server and we'd like to know if there be any rifts if we use JCo with that application.

Also, please let me know if JCo is compatible with the Websphere server 3.5.5.

Yes, JCo has been ported across numerous flavors of Unix. Go to SAP's service marketplace and download the JCo version appropriate to your operating system platform. JCo can also be used in any standard Java application server, such as WebSphere. The components your deploy in WebSphere (sessions beans, servlets, etc.) can make JCo calls directly as long as sapjco.jar is in the container or server classpath.
This was last published in December 2005

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