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Is SAP Basis certification required?

I have 4 years experience in SAP BASIS. Is it required of me to do SAP BASIS certification? What way would it help me?
Basis certification is not required to be a successful Basis consultant. But don't take my word for it - go in the "Careers" section of this web site and look through the Basis jobs. You'll see that very few have a required "Basis certification." For some jobs, it is a "nice to have," but nothing more. For experienced consultants, I recommend using training and certification NOT to reinforce your existing skills, but to acquire new knowledge and technology exposure that might give your resume a bit of sizzle and put you in a better position to capitalize on new project opportunities. In your case, why not consider some type of NetWeaver training or certification? The more you can learn about "SAP's technology platform of the future," the better off you are. And it's not too early to start. If you go on SAP's web site, I'll bet that for every twenty times you see the word NetWeaver, you'll see the word Basis once. To me, that means the writing is on the wall. Use training and certification to make sure you are on the ball with where SAP is going.

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