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Is RFC a good way to integrate Lotus?

We are trying to integrate SAP R/3 and Lotus. Data exchange is completed through an RFC function. The problem is that the data can't be saved when R/3 pops up an error message, but it can be completed if we input the data manually. Would you say it isn't wise to use RFC functions for this?
As far as I understand your problem, there is nothing wrong with using RFC. It is apparently the called RFC function that is not made for batch processing. If you use a proper BAPI, no messages should ever popped up, rather the messages are collected in a response table for you to analyze.

If the called RFC does in turn execute a batch input (BTCI), then the typical cause for failure is missing data, that causes to display a screen which is not foreseen in your processing scenario. If the RFC is a self-written one, let it execute with BTCI mode A and watch for screens, where the OK-Code is "blank". This is then a screen, which is not in the expected sequence. You may circumvent the malfunction by adding additional logic to catch these cases. Also, you should execute the BTCI in mode N to catch all messages in a table (CALL TRANSACTION ... MESSAGES bdcmesstab).

If the RFC is a standard function, you may have chance in providing additional data or changing the customizing for your application.

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