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Is Business Connector a useful tool?

A reader questions the usefulness of SAP Business Corrector as a tool to read EDI 810 transactions or send files directly with e-mail.

You responded to a question on Sept. 12, 2003 about sending files in R/3 using EDI 810 format. SAP Business Connector was mentioned. Do you find SAP Business Corrector a useful tool to either read EDI 810 transactions or send files directly with e-mail?
Use of Business Connector is deprecated by SAP since it is officially replaced by XI. Only existing installations are still supported (Business Connector is a licensed OEM version of WebMethods). The temptation with Business Connector was that it has been free and the EDIFACT converters have been also free of charge, but this is no longer the case unless you are running on an existing license. If you only process ANSI X.12 810 (EDIFACT: INVOIC) messages and do not need the technical framework for sending the data via OFTP etc., you may be satisfied with converting the message in an ABAP yourself. Alternative solutions might be Seeburger for mass processing or smartEDI, which is a pure ABAP converter solution.

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