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Is ABAP certification right for me?

I am a computer engineer with a Masters degree in Business Information Technology from London. I am interested in SAP. And some of my friends told me to get an SAP ABAP certification. Can you please explain ABAP and advise me whether that is the right course for me to study? I have experience in Networking. I am in the beginning stage of my career. Please advise me.
First of all, to learn more about ABAP, you can search on this Web site, and also consider buying a book -- there are a number of affordable ABAP books out there. It sounds like you have a good academic background that is well suited for a career in the techno-functional world of SAP. I'm just not sure why your friends advised ABAP certification in particular. Unless you want to become a hard core programmer, I'd avoid ABAP, which will put you in the cross-hairs of outsourcing trends. If I were you, I'd get some kind of NetWeaver certification and look to become a specialist in SAP's next-generation technical architecture. This would be an area where you would encounter less senior competition since NetWeaver is so new. Plus, getting to know this cutting edge architecture would be a great way to build on your master's degree and stay on top of SAP's evolution as the leader in the ERP space. There are many certifications to choose from -- select one you find compelling within NetWeaver and go for it. Then, you'll have the toughest part of all -- finding your first hands-on position. But the opportunities are out there if you can find the best matches with your skills and make the most of your existing business connections.

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