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Irish remuneration statements for international use

We are looking to print an employee remuneration statement on the payment advice portion of a check using the standard international cheque payment program. However, the payroll (and hence pre-DME program) that we use is an Irish payroll. Can we do this, or do we have to use modified portions of the US programs?
I have not developed an Irish remuneration statement for an international cheque program, but my first instinct is: YES, you can. The key would be to modify/create/copy an HR form that adequately presents the desired wage types generated by the pre-DME program. Again, I'm not familiar with the Irish payroll, but it is the same concept regardless of the country. The pre-DME output uses the HR form to layout the wage type data defined in the HR form. This can be modified/created/copied in transaction PE51. If you're crossing county codes, you can copy the existing HR form to any target country code. The Irish HR form may be copied from county code 11 to 99. Transaction PC00_M99_CEDT may be used to print the remuneration statements for the Irish payroll with the form name equal to the modified/created/copied Irish HR form name entered in field PRT_FORM. You may want to reference the copied form either in the documentation or form name for future easy during modifcations.

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