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Invalid dates in user profiles

Why does multiple roles show up on a user profile with different dates in the valid from/valid to date column?...

Not that it's hurting any thing but it fills up the columns with unnecessary data? For example; WMMGR 01/09/1998 06/19/2000 WMMGR 06/20/2000 12/31/9999 LPCDSPO 01/08/1998 07/18/2000 LPCDSPO 07/19/2000 12/31/9999 I delete the 2000 date when I see it. How can I keep the duplicate roles appearing on the users profile?

It seems that the user master records is not being adjusted. Have you scheduled report PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY to run daily? You can also run transaction PFUD to check and update authorization profiles and user master records.

I'd like to know what R/3 release and kernel level your system has.

I had an experience once in R/3 4.5B using kernel patch 584 that prevented me from changing user accounts and the activity group appeared listed dozens of times. After a long troubleshooting process, I found out it was the kernel the culprit. I updated it and everything worked fine. There was nothing the matter with the user master records.

This was last published in August 2001

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