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Introduction to Note Assistant

Where can I find information about Note Assistant and how it works? We are running SAP 4.7 Enterprise and just received a note from SAP. The DVD says to apply the stacks note 47x200, but it does not have any instructions on how to apply the notes. I read that Note Assistant does this automatically. We are not live yet. This is to be applied in the development environment. SAP consultants were at our site and installed SAP. I have a technical background but am more of an SAP functional person. Since we don't have anyone here with Basis Administration knowledge, I guess I need to start learning the Basis side of it.
The Note Assistant is explained in detail in the SAP Support Portal (alias http://service.sap.com/noteassistant).

There are some nice interactive tutors there who explain all there is to know on the Note Assistant.

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