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Interfacing a handheld barcode scanner to the R/3 system

How do we interface a handheld (barcode scanner)to the R/3 system? I know this is done using IDocs, but could you please give me technical details about it. It is for a class project. Do we require middleware if I want no interface in between? I want a direct connection between the handheld and the system.

There are many ways to interface such a device. The most simple approach is using a keyboard wedge. Most barcode scanners provide for a wedge already. This emulates the keyboard. If the cursor is positioned in the right field, the scanning appears like typing the keyboard. For training this may be just fine.

Other solutions are more complicated, e.g. the scanner might send an HTTP request with the necessary data in the HTTP body.

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Thank you for sharing these solutions about interfacing a handheld barcode scanner to the R/3 system. Now I'm developing my own barcode app. Your article will help me a lot. I like it.