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Interface not recognizing a new employee

With a pu12 transaction, I have an interface format that includes infotype pa0000 - action.

In the interface format I've defined the infotype as all existing records, so even those outside the current period should be exported. I have an employee that has action of hiring in 03.04.05, and the current payroll period is 03.2005 (pa03 transaction). But the interface format don't recognize the new employee. Why?

I already defined the infotype that should be to export all kinds of records. What's the problem?

Well, unless your payroll is monthly -- and even then it would depend on period dates -- it would not pick that EE up. Period 03.2005 simply means period 3 for that payroll area, so you need to verify that the dates are correct. Otherwise, it should pick the EE as it would in any program that uses PNP or PNP_CE.

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