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Integrating the punchout catalogue with the SRM procurement system

A supplier hopes to integrate the punchout catalogue with a client's SRM procurement system but encounters several questions. Sachin Sethi provides guidance.

I am a supplier working on a project to integrate my punchout catalogue with my client's SRM procurement syste...


- Where can I find technical information on OCI punchout in general?

- Where can I find documentation on the PurchaseOrderRequest SAP-XML document (eg. a description of the xml tags)?

- Specifically I would like to know how the XML tags in the PurchaseOrderRequest relate back to the OCIReturnFromCatalog form, ie., Is it possible to match up a PurchaseOrderRequest with the shopping trolley data that I previously sent back to the SRM system?

What you need is the Open Catalog Interface (OCI) document that is published by SAP. This document contains all the interface and mapping information required to integrate the catalog application with SRM.

Keep in mind that there are different versions of the OCI interface document that are relevant for the SRM release. There have really not been any changes to the interface since SRM 3.0.

The following URL at SAP Developer Network (SDN) provides information for companies that want to integrate and certify their applications for the OCI compliance. You will find the required documents at this URL: https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn?rid=/webcontent/uuid/ff03d072-0501-0010-aa88-8018506a2ebe

This URL might require you to create a login for the SAP SDN Web site.

Hope this helps.

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