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Integrating SAP and JD Edwards

In my company we have 2 ERP systems running. One is SAP R/3 and the other is JD Edwards. My question is: Does SAP BW support an integration of JDE file structures into the EDW? If so, can you explain the mechanics and what customers are currently doing it? We are considering SAP BW as a possible solution to bring the two ERP information formats together. SAP BW 3.1C does not offer any content for JDE OneWorld data objects. You can use BW to manage JDE data. You have a few options: If you have a 3rd party ETL tool, like Informatica or Ascential, then you can directly schedule jobs in BW to extract data from JDE and load in BW (alongside with what comes from SAP R/3). Here you need to map the transfer structure in BW with incoming data (from JDE or SAP R/3). Your second option: Currently, you may have a data extraction program in JDE that generate flat files for your present DW. If so, simply take the same file and load it directly in BW (PSA and ODS). Then everything should be under BW control. The third option: If you have database tables or views in a JDE Oracle or MS SQL database, use the DB Connect-option in BW to directly connect such tables/views and you will be all set. I know companies like Kodak and Scott loads a lot of non-SAP data in BW along with SAP R/3. Take a look at their presentations at ASUG BITI event (www.asug.com) held October 26-29, 2003, and see how they have implanted such integrated SAP and non-SAP data in BW.

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